About us

We are passionate about your business and see ourselves as a partner in it. Your business is our business, your growth is our growth.

We provide you with trusted accountancy services delivered with professionalism and fee transparency. We offer fixed price packages that are payable monthly. We’ll ensure the package you choose is customised to meet your needs.

So, when you decide to work with us, we’ll have an initial chat to understand what makes your business special and what your future plans are. Then, we’ll make a plan to provide you with all the financial insight and support you need to make the right decisions and achieve your goals.

This is how we can help you:

* Get control over your business finances: by putting in place processes and systems that can provide you with real time information so you can make sound business decisions.

* Ongoing support you need to run your business effectively: I work in partnership with you and have your back along the way, providing you with the insight you need to ensure everything is in order.

* Have peace of mind over your tax affairs: ensuring you don’t pay more tax than what you need to and your tax position is at its optimal. You’ll know in advance how much you have to pay and by when so can plan ahead so you have enough cashflow.

Meet Maria

I’m the founder of MSG Accountancy. I’m a licensed accountant and by using my experience and together with my entrepreneurial mindset I can help you reach your goals. I am licensed and regulated by AAT under licence number 1005282.

Passionate  about helping people and seeing them win and grow. My values are reflected in the way I work and this is how you’ll be impacted by working with me:

* Clarity: speak in plain English and I make sure we are on the same page.

* Transparency: a straightforward approach when it comes to giving advice.

* Simplicity: back to basics ensuring there are no complicated ideas, processes or systems in place. 

Outside work commitments, I enjoy spending time with my loved ones.